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8M, Womens March 2020

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The 8M Women’s March is held annually across Spain to protest for better gender equality, but at what cost? The events organisers have been criticised for allowing it to take place, but the government still permitted it. The event did have a lower turnout than previous years, yet tens of thousands of women took to the streets to protest, with parades of music, dance, pride and vitality. Only a week after Spain was put into quarantine, and for 7 weeks had some of the strictest lockdown restrictions in Europe. I wanted to review and reflect the imagery I had collected of this day, to see how my view had changed in retrospect.

Looking back at these images now with many events and festivities cancelled until next year, it seems absurd that this happened less than a week before the virus hit the city. The timing of the event was unfortunate, however it is a clear inclination of Spain’s lack of planning and foresight with the virus. Freedom of movement ceased on the Saturday the 11th, and it was rare to see people walking in the street in the days prior, let alone without masks or gloves. Madrid became a ghost town, a drastically different and spooky landscape forged from fear and sudden measures. It most certainly will have impacted and spread of the virus, as clear indication of how much it was underestimated. We can appreciate the memories and positivity now, but from a safe distance, at home, where we will be for the foreseeable whilst we endure COVID-19’s effects.

8M Womens March in Madrid, 8th March 2020.

Shot with a 1300D Canon.

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