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Phase 0

On Saturday the 4th of May, people across Spain were allowed to leave their homes to take exercise for the first time, after 7 weeks of strict confinement. This was an emotional and much anticipated moment for many, where taking a walk or going for a run had previously been illegal. Concerns over living standards across the country have been raised, as 2/3 of Spaniards live in apartments, many without sunlight or outside access. This period will have put a huge strain on relationships and mental health especially considering the communal outside nature of Spanish culture.

Its very bizarre to walk around without any children or elderly people around, but people generally stick to the curfew timetables. I will never forget the atmosphere of the city on this day, where despite the obvious underlying anxieties and precautions around the virus, people were content to just be outside. Things are far from being back to normal, but each small step is greatly valued.

A man stretching before his first run after 7 weeks.

Locals reuniting via balcony.

Parks remain closed for now, with bunting in the background.

People have adorned the streets with bunting, to show community spirit.

Many balcony fiestas have lined the streets in the buildup to restriction alleviation.

Building work put on pause, Plaza de España.

Temple de Debod: Parks and public spaces are still closed.

Locals enjoy their first evening outside, La Latina.

Locals visit their neighbourhoods again.

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