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Pre – Quarantine

These images were taken around Madrid just before quarantine began on Saturday the 11th March, where for 7 weeks residents could only leave their homes for medical supplies, purchase food or go to work, if permitted. I wanted to document this rapidly changing landscape as a reminder of the difficulties the capital has faced. Madrid was the second most contaminated city in Europe, the army controlled the roads and police gave heavy fines if the rules were broken. It had transformed from the city famed for its cultural passions and vitality, to an anxious, deserted outline of its previous self. I felt huge anxiety walking the streets, very few pedestrians and eery concerts from balconies flooded the airwaves. I took the below images whilst I still could, but many had fled. Tourism is a huge industry here and since the quarantine began many of the apartments have become available to locals again, giving the city back to the residents. It will be very different once things return to ‘normal’.

Two young people talking outside Sol Metro station in Central Madrid, whilst they still could.

A man on FaceTime in front of an emergency blood drive in Sol.

Cines Callao in Plaza de Callao.

Police warning pedestrians of the upcoming freedom restrictions in Callao. The day after I was stopped by undercover police here as the restrictions had been brought forward.

Deserted Gran Via.

Many people suddenly fled the city.

Queuing for the supermarkets 2m apart.

A pharmacist behind a screen as per new safety measures, in Malasaña.

Street cleaners disinfecting the pavements and walls in Lavapies. After I took this photo a pedestrian started an argument with him as the chemicals aren’t dog friendly.

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