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Eleanor Cowell studied Fine Art at The University of Leeds, and spent two years living, working and studying in Spain. She has worked as an assistant for Artists such as Gary Card and Damien Hirst, and has held a plethora of creative based roles. Whilst developing her practice, she has a keen interest in the wellness benefits of creativity, and also offers arts wellness sessions aimed at encouraging mindfulness through making. She is currently based in London.


I am inspired by the depths of our modern visual language in a post-internet world, as the boundaries between our online and offline realities become blurred. My practice is greatly informed by visceral processes, where I use a multitude of painting techniques, materials and software to combine technology with painting. My style combines organic brush movements with figurative or fabricated elements. I am greatly inspired by the direction of focus, and the want to be present for the viewer and myself . I create compositions using computer programmes, sketches and memories, and other materials.


 The work often begins with a scene or object from life, which I add political, satirical or humorous layers often alluding to a contemporary discourse, public figure or memory. I like to blend people and places, and create narratives through the material and techniques forming the subject matter.

I also love to run, bake, and be outside!

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