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Arts Wellbeing Classes (Art Club)

Whilst at University I created and ran Leeds University's first Arts Therapy based wellness sessions. My aim was to show creativity could be approachable and mindful, these became regular and often fully booked! I continued these free sessions during in the pandemic over Zoom, and they are also adaptable for in-person wellbeing workshops.  

The classes are 60 minutes long and are always taught at entry level. They comprise of teaching a simple art / craft technique with a little art history on its origins (also useful for pub quizzes) and advice on wellness as to how to use art making as creative expression! We finish with a discussion at the end about what we've made, and general wellbeing tips!

If you're interested in booking an Art Club workshop, please contact

or send a DM through my Instagram @eljoart and I would love to create a session that fits your wellbeing project, artistic preferences, or company theme!

Previous sessions include:

  • David Hockney, Viewing Surroundings Imaginatively, Enjoying what's Around Us

  • Surrealism, Drawing Imaginatively and Escapism 

  • Rothko, Colour Theory and The Subconscious ​

  • Kandinsky, Drawing to Music and Emotions in Sounds 

  • Picasso, ​Line Drawing and Tips for Anxiety

If you would like to view any of the full length zoom classes, please get in touch and I would be more than happy to send you the private YouTube link. And even happier if you'd like to share with me any work you've made!

Participant Reviews!


"My favourite activity was the Hockney one from the most recent class (with drawing the space around you) because it helped me be instinctual and not too in-my-head which is outside my usual habits with art. I haven’t done the exact same activities but I’ve tried to apply the principles to art outside of the class." Johanna on the zoom activities.


"I have been shielding due to health problems and realised I needed to keep busy for my sanity! When I heard about Art Club I was really pleased! I’ve enjoyed the challenges of working quickly and thinking about different artists’ techniques. I’ve started sketching a bit more at home too." Louise on the zoom activities.


"Art Club is an amazing escape from the doom and gloom of lockdown. It adds a bit of normality and sanity whilst being creative! The well-being feature is a great addition to sessions because of this :)" Anonymous on the zoom activities.

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